Our services

Our services

A characteristic feature of modern education is that every year the number of paid educational services increases. This is a fee for additional training in subjects not provided by the government standards. Our educational resources are such innovative workshops and training courses.


Collective consumers - licensees:

- Pedagogical universities of Russia, CIS and foreign countries;

- Other universities in Russia and abroad, which teach social and humanities subjects;

- Secondary schools in Russia and abroad;

- Political organizations;


  OUR EDUCATIONAL LICENSE: "TRILOGY OF INTELLECT" as a new method of knowledge integration"

Individual consumers:

- Doctoral students and post-graduates, school teachers and university professors, politicians and government employees, students and high school pupils - all of those who are seriously interested in philosophical and other social and humanitarian issues.

The basic master class:

Philosophy as a science: “Twenty-five LOST CENTURIES”

Other courses and master classes:

"Philosophy as a METAsubject at school"

"Philosophy as a METAsubject IN THE UNIVERSITY"

"Society as a PROCESS"

"Serving as a power"

If you are interested in these courses and master classes you can register for them right now by phone: 89111771154 or by visiting our website: www.infilinn.com